Guide to Our Community

  • Sex

    is the sexual characteristics and/or reproductive organs we have

  • Gender

    is our own internal sense of identity, we may not identify as the sex we are born as

  • Expression

    how we dress, hair length and style, make-up, walk, talk and present to others

  • Sexuality

    who we have sex with, fall in love with and/or are attracted to both sexually and romantically

  • Level of Attraction

    is the intensity of sexual and/or romantic feelings, it is possible to have no sexual attraction and still have romantic attraction, or vice versa

  • Rainbow Pride

  • Progress

  • Disability Pride

  • Straight Ally

  • Cisgender

    same as assigned at birth

    "male" or "female"

  • Intersex

    born with male and female sex organs

  • Transgender

    different than assigned at birth

  • Agender

    no gender

  • Demigender

    partial gender

  • Queer / Questioning

    exploring, questioning

  • Genderfluid

    not fixed, fluid gender

  • Non-Binary

    not exclusively male or female (binary)

  • Greygender

    partially outside binary

  • Paragender

    partial connection to two genders

  • Intergender

    between male and female

  • Neutrois

    neutral gender

  • Bigender

    two genders

  • Trigender

    three genders, or a third gender

  • Polygender

    multiple genders

  • Pangender

    all genders

  • Aliagender

    other gender

  • Neopronoun

    uses pronouns other than "he", "she", "they"

  • Masculine


  • Androgynous

    neither or both

  • Feminine


  • Lesbian

    women attracted to women

  • Gay

    men attracted to men

  • Heterosexual "Straight"

    opposite gender

  • Queer / Questioning

    exploring, questioning, not fixed

  • Bisexual

    two or "both" genders

  • Poly / Omnisexual

    multiple genders

  • Pansexual

    all genders or regardless of gender

  • Asexual / Aromantic

    no attraction

  • Cupiosexual

    no attraction, but wants a relationship

  • Greysexual

    no attraction, but has sexual intercourse

  • Demisexual

    attraction, only with strong emotional bond

  • Akiosexual

    attraction, fades if reciprocated

  • Allosexual